Yapay Zeka Yıldızları

On this page, you can learn more about the project and see some of the highlights during different project terms.

Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association has come together to lead Turkey’s digital transformation and to spread coding awareness by empowering young generations with education. With the trainings held within the scope of Coding Tomorrow Project, our children learn how to create new technologies and digital products rather than being just a consumer of technology.



Imagine – Design – Build – Share

These values also form the basis of the “do it yourself” culture. New ideas always start with imagination. We aim to stimulate the imagination of our children. We offer them the opportunity to design the ideas they imagine. 

We provide 4 hours of “Scratch” programming language course to children aged 7-14 in 81 provinces. In addition to Scratch courses, we provide them 3D design learning with Tinkercad and their introduction to the world of electronics with Micro:bit. Along with these, we enable children to use their creative thinking skills and introduce them to algorithms and coding. Afterwards, we organize “Hackathon” activities with the children who receive the mentioned courses.

Coding Tomorrow Online


In an increasingly digital society; The need for self-learning, development of new skills and digital literacy is increasing. With this website created as part of the Coding Tomorrow project, we aim to increase the digital literacy of children, young people and educators, and provide them with new digital skills.

Rural Schools

Within the scope of the project, we established fully equipped technology classrooms in 30 rural schools in order to increase the access of students in rural areas to technology. In these classes, which are also used as Distance Learning Support Points, various technology trainings, especially coding, are given to students.

Families Collected Hazelnuts, Children Coded Tomorrow

We thought that knowing how to code is as important as knowing how to read and write, and we organized coding courses in Ordu within the scope of the Coding Tomorrow Project implemented in cooperation with Vodafone Turkey Foundation. A total of 100 children were taught how to code during August 2019. Some of the students were the kids of families who came to collect hazelnuts in the Kestane Village of the Gülyalı District of Ordu. Thus, with the Coding Tomorrow Project, we reached 1500 children in Ordu and 3000 children in the Black Sea Region.

#ThisFoodIsOnMe (#BuMamaBenden)

Children who received coding trainings in Kayseri as part of the Coding Tomorrow Project, developed a code-operated food machine for stray animals. The project, where anyone who wants to feed stray animals can command the food machine at any time of the day by sharing the hashtag #BuMamaBenden on Twitter, attracted great attention on the first day on social media. More than 80.000 tweets were posted on Twitter regarding the project, which was placed at the top of Turkey’s agenda. The machine, which was first placed in front of Vodafone Zeytinburnu Station Store, provides service at many points throughout Turkey.

Ideathons and Hackathons

We have held several ideathons and hackathons, where our young people between the ages of 11-17 participated in groups of 2 or 4, where projects and ideas for environmental problems, natural disasters, gender equality and the disabled were presented and the top 3 teams were awarded prizes. In 2022, we will continue to organize hackathons and ideathons on art with artificial intelligence, games for smart cities and mobile applications for children’s participation.

Skills Upload Jr.

7 Vodafone Foundations, including Vodafone Turkey Foundation, took action to increase digital literacy skills in Europe. Within the scope of the SkillsUpload Jr. program, students and educators will be able to use digital technologies in an innovative, creative and self-confident way with the joint venture supported by Turkey, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Spain.